Band Off to a Good Start at First Competition


Rachel Banks, Staff Writer

They are there at football games. They are there at basketball games. They take up the field at pre-game and halftime. When it comes down to it, the band is pretty significant. But, how well do you really know the band?

Along with all the known activities the band partakes in, there are also some facts that most people do not know. Like private lessons, for example. Every year, the head band director, David Townsend, hires about five people to come and give lessons to students wishing to pursue All-Region. In addition to these, all of the directors offer private lessons of their own. For junior high, All-Region tryouts are in December. Senior high has until January.

Another little-known fact is that the band participates in competitions almost every Saturday throughout the month of October. On Saturday, October 3, the band traveled to Mustang, Oklahoma where they competed against 22 other bands from the surrounding area. After performing in preliminaries, the band made 2nd place in their division. Despite this, however, they finished 13th place, merely one point away from making finals.

But that won’t stop them. As Star Search semi-finalist Chris Barczynski said, “Behind every win there’s a chance to begin, again! You gotta take it all if you wanna be a master.”

The band has a few more competitions, as well as two more Monday night rehearsals. This is plenty of time to up the game.

“Crescendo to the end,” said Townsend.

There are some new faces in the band room this year. Austin Jay and Cole Williams have joined the band crew in an attempt to bring them another successful audition. Along with some extra help from Wes Pendergrass, Lara Rogers and Brandon Bahara, the band has high hopes of doing well this season. Like many of the other directors, Jay received a master’s in music in conducting from the University of Arkansas: Graduate School in Fayetteville. Jay fits right in, in the big band family. Williams received a bachelor’s degree in music education from Oklahoma State University in Stillwater. So, as you can see, the directors are more than qualified to lead this band onward and upward.