Pride of Alma Still the Same


Aracely Morales, Staff Writer

[pullquote speaker=”David Townsend” photo=”” align=”left” background=”on” border=”all” shadow=”on”]One more time.[/pullquote]

Once upon a dream, a band director by the name of David Townsend had a vision. A vision that would lead the Pride of Alma to victory. According to Townsend, through hard work and dedication, the band will achieve this goal. Perfection takes time.

“We started planning the show in November of last year and took six months for music. We’re still working on the visuals. It’s a work in progress,” said Townsend.

This year’s show, A Dream Within A Dream, was an idea made by Townsend and percussion instructor, Ricky Morrow.

“I heard the song Pure Imagination by Fiona Apple, and Morrow and I came up with the music,” said Townsend.

With this year’s show, a lot of changes were made.  Along with new music, the band had to learn a new marching technique.

“It’s both musically, as well as physically challenging (the show). We’re changing our style. The music is hard, and so is the drill,” said Townsend

So what does the Pride of Alma do? Well, they practice. Every Monday from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., the whole band is on the practice field, marching until Townsend is satisfied, or until time is out.

“I feel that we have a great group of kids. It’s the most cooperative group we’ve had,” said Townsend.

What is better than a new show? New uniforms. This year, Townsend has finally managed to get new uniforms that the band has been waiting for.

“The old uniforms were over 12-years old, and the normal lifespan for uniforms is eight years,” said Townsend.1024x768.Karen

The new uniforms were designed by Michael Gray.  Gray has participated in the highest levels of Drum Core International, Winter Guard International and Bands of America as a designer, instructor, clinician and judge. He has served as the program coordinator for the Bluecoats Drum Corps, the Ensemble Caption Facilitator for Winter Guard International and a DCI judge.

It is a new year, new show, new uniforms, new instructors, but it is the same Pride of Alma.